Friday, October 25, 2013

Read Alouds Term 4, 2013

Enjoyed by both T (4) and W (2)

The Adventures of the Wishing Chair, Enid Blyton
The Latch key Dog, Joan Dalgleish (abridged by me)
Jack Russell Pet Detective, Sally and Darryl Odgers Scholastic Series
Stories for Five Year-Olds,
See Food
Stories for four year olds

Preschool Planning

Language and Literacy
  • Read alouds (every day)
  • 'reading' books alone in 'reading space' (up to children), strewing
  • different mediums for writing/drawing eg: salt tray using different tools; shape tracing; on frosted mirror; paint and write styrofoam boards with cotton tip for writing; window tracing: Once or twice a week
  • "letter of the week/fortnight"? Every two weeks?
  • name writing and recognition eg name journal; seeing name around house; writing name first on activities, writing name on a line or in boxes on a white board Once or twice a week


Outdoor Play

Science and Nature

Creative Art

Fine and Gross Motor skills
  • tying shoe laces