T.  (age 4) Pre K 2014

Not much emphasis at all on formal learning, but taking advantage of teaching points as they come up in conversation and daily activities. He is a visual learner, so posters on walls, books with graphics, maps, representing concepts on paper, DVDs etc are all ideal teaching tools. Books listed are ones that T has taken an interest in and is happy to learn from. Perhaps because of anxieties and/or his age, he strongly resists learning in any structured way.

Term 1

Anything that he is interested in (Viking history book, The history of everyday life, Where's Wally, insect books, chapter books such as Pet Detective, Enid Blyton stories). As per Mem Fox, I ask them to find words in the text, etc

Learning to Read: Golden Primer

Much independent experimenting with writing out letters. Can write "Toby" but needs further instruction with letter formation. Is learning letters independently by looking at alphabet poster on wall and practicing writing different letters, or recognising those letters in written texts. Writes groups of letters and asks me what he has written.

Learning the value of zero
Improving counting
Beginning concepts of addition and subtraction (eg through eating pear segments)
Fractions: concept of half

Religion/ moral formation:
Treasure Box series of 20 books by Maryknoll sisters. Includes catechises, poetry, imaginative games to play, lives of saints. Usually read as bedtime stories as per request.

Homeschool group activities:
Music class (throughout the term)
Farm school (boats)
Viking show (one-off Viking reenactments and talks)

Would like to do swimming but frequent illnesses in family have prevented this, and he is resistant to swimming because of sensory sensitivities and anxiety. Also weekly homeschool meetings in Adcock Park are desirable.

Personal interests:
How to care for different animals as pets - watches on Youtube (tigers, rats, rabbits, guinea pigs etc)
Likes to capture lizards, beetles and other small garden animals to keeps as pets.
Learning to care for guinea pigs.

Also undergoing occupational therapy for low upper body muscle tone and sensory sensitivities.

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