Thursday, October 16, 2014

T: terms 3-4 2014

T: Term 3 Achievements


Reading Eggs
Family story time: Poetry, folktales, biographies (Therese Martin), apocryphal, fiction
Books on science experiments

Recognises words and sequences words to create sentences in Reading Eggs. Up to Map 39.
Interperets meaning of story from Asterix comic.
Sounds out simple words


Practices letters using activity books (Reading Eggs)
Traces letters in sand
Free writing - composing 'messages' for mum to decipher (eg where treasure is hidden)
Practices writing first name
Fine motor skill development in prep for writing

concepts of whole, half, quarters.
counting up to 20
Recognising numbers

Indonesian (counting, yes, no, greetings)
greetings in French, German,
counting in Swahili

Pulled apart electronic devices
Built basic lizard house and holy cross from recycled wood, using hammer and nails
Nature observation (cicadas emerging from shell, white cabbage moth caterpillar development, etc)
Experiments with acid and alkaline substances
Developing responsibility in caring for toddler sister (walking her around the garden so she would be happy), sharing with younger brother (3), developing learning not to fight with brother. Plays happily and negotiates games with friends.

wants to build robot

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Term 3 2014 - outside home

T (5) and W (3):-

Literacy pre-k classes at homeschool mum's house. Africa theme

Pre-handwriting skills - cutting and pasting, drawing shapes and patterns, borders on page, colouring, beading.

Following instructions

Listening to and comprehending stories - Jungle Drums, We all Go on Sarafi, stories from Nelson Mandela's Favourite Folktales. Retelling stories

Counting to 10 in Swahili

African culture day: food and cooking, dressups, dancing, stick fighting

Swimming Lessons



Art of Andy Goldsworthy, Pro-Hart, Eco-dying, Modern art (splatter paintings)

Explaining your artwork, listening to other people explain their work, following instructions, playing with other children, building a fire,

Friday, February 28, 2014

Viking Show

Yesterday I took T to the Viking Show, a homeschooling event organised by parents and put together by an Viking Era historical re-enactment group. The children were split into groups and circulated around to four different stations where they listened to talks on clothing, culture, myths about Vikings, and weaponry. Following, they demonstrated a duel and a melee. Fantastic!

This was about half the group

The Vikings

*Viking myths dispelled (and some created!)

Playing the Viking game of Kupp

*(Apparently "Saint" Olaf was a cruel king who forced the Norwegians to convert to Christianity and killed anyone who wouldn't. That is why there is no more pagan culture in Norway. You see?. Oh those cruel Christians!)