He said...

T age 4: (on letting the little girl next door use the ride-on digger): I love sharing: there's nothing quite like it!

T age 4: Do flies have eyebrows?
Me: Uhhh, no why?
T: Because I saw one going like this (frowns fiercely)

W. age 2 [in Mass.. during consecration... waving]: Hello Pwiest, hello peoples over dere, hello everybodeeee!

W age 2: [looking at my feet in surprise] You have funny toes!

W age 2: [several days after the previous quote, looking at Ben's feet in surprise] You have funny toes!

T age 4: [in Mass, during the consecration, really loudly] It's so weird! He says those words and it turns into Jesus body! That's so weird!

W: [when his legs are wet and he's starting to feel cold] It's clouuuuuudy!

W age 2: [in great surprise] I have funny toes!

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