Saturday, September 27, 2014

Term 3 2014 - outside home

T (5) and W (3):-

Literacy pre-k classes at homeschool mum's house. Africa theme

Pre-handwriting skills - cutting and pasting, drawing shapes and patterns, borders on page, colouring, beading.

Following instructions

Listening to and comprehending stories - Jungle Drums, We all Go on Sarafi, stories from Nelson Mandela's Favourite Folktales. Retelling stories

Counting to 10 in Swahili

African culture day: food and cooking, dressups, dancing, stick fighting

Swimming Lessons



Art of Andy Goldsworthy, Pro-Hart, Eco-dying, Modern art (splatter paintings)

Explaining your artwork, listening to other people explain their work, following instructions, playing with other children, building a fire,

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