Friday, December 13, 2013

Advent Planning Follow-up

So-far here is what we have achieved out of our Advent planning:

A table-centre wreath with advent candles - lit each night with appropriate prayer for each week.
Purple ribbons, tinsel. Christmas lights.etc put up around the house.

Nativity scene with the approaching Magi.

Our "Christmas Story" Advent Calendar with a little book for each day, leading up to the birth of Our Lord. After a new book is read each evening it is hung on a wooden Christmas tree.

Jesse tree with a new symbol for each day - this is proving a bit much as I forgot to print off what the symbols mean and it adds to a long bed-time. So next year I might do a shorter one that I have in my Liturgical year folder.

Christmas books placed in accessible basket on floor

Buying Christmas present and food for a family who need help at Christmas.
December 1 (First Sunday of Advent)
*Decorate for Advent with Advent Calendars, Advent Wreath, Jesse Tree, etc... Set out Manger for Baby Jesus {I will do this next year I think- all a bit much for me now!} and all of our Christmas Books. Bless the Advent Wreath during nighttime prayers.
December 3 ~ Celebrate the Feast of St. Francis Xavier
We made tempura chicken for dinner (the link to Japan!) and read a short verson of his life over dinner
December 6 (Feast of St. Nicholas) ~ The Miracle of Saint Nicholas
We read our relevant St Nicholas books the night before and the boys put out their shoes by the wood heater. They found 'toffee money' in their shoes in the morning! I made these by melting white sugar in a frypan and browning it slightly. Then put it in cellophane bags. We pulled out our St Nicholas picture we made last year and set it up on dining table.
December 8 (Feast of the Immaculate Conception) ~, give miraculous medals to children and we ask priest to bless them at Mass.
Completely forgot to do this...
December 9 (Second Sunday of Advent) ~ *Our Lady of Guadalupe (pop-up)
* Feast of St. Juan Diego
Feeling harried at this point... 
December 12 (Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe) ~ The Legend of the Christmas Rose
December 13 (Feast of St. Lucy) ~ Lucia, Saint of Light
*Celebrate the Feast of St. Lucy
Forgot my own daughter's name-day! Her first one too! 
Today we went shopping for Christmas food, and wrapped a present, both for a family who don't have much. Via Wyoming Church. We will drop it off tomorrow.
So you can see Advent has started off well. We've been keeping up with our candles, reading our advent calendar and mostly covering the Jesse tree on time. I'm not too worried that my feast day plans went awry as I want to focus on preparing ourselves for the birth of Jesus: in hope, trust, charity and anticipation.

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