Monday, August 12, 2013

dirt play

T and W spend much time playing in a patch of dirt outside the back door. W is more independent so he is out there alone more often with toy cars, trucks, etc. usually sitting in a hole. T digs many holes in dirt and plays with a pulley system rigged up by ben as well as a crane also made by ben.

Getting muddy is a daily occurrence for W

We've given up trying to keep him clean... ;-)
When neighbouring girls come over to play there is 'treasure' hunting (even finding old coins), mud fights, 'magic potion' mixing, mud pie making, mud puddle making, mud tower building, digging, raking and hoeing.

All this play fosters development of imagination, fine and gross motor skills, friendships and negotiating rules of play.

Hopefully they are growing in charity as they share in play, and patience as they wait their turns.

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