Monday, August 12, 2013


T. has fascination with "skeleton bones", We have:
  • discussed different bones in body and identified them on ourselves
  • borrowed book on skeletal system from library
  • watched descriptions of skeletal system on you tube
  • collected animal bones from bush and tried to identify: wallaby skulls, cow skull, vertebrae, rib bones, leg bones. NB extension: borrow book on animal skeletal systems and try to identify more accurately.
  • bought book on skeletal and other body systems and extended reading to nervous, muscular and circulatory systems
  • visited both Australian museum and Bathurst's Australian Fossil and Mineral Museum with excellent dinosaur displays, seen whale skeletons in Whale museum, Albany WA
  • at one point T had his own museum display on the toyshelf of all the rocks and bones he'd found in garden
A Wallaby skull?


  1. I really support for your any lesson plan. Keep going Sarah x

  2. Thanks Ona! Feel free to give ideas on how we can help our children learn and grow. love sarah

  3. Will sure dear, I will send some photo from my garden. I just start with plant some in my garden (around 6 month ago) and when I read your blog, I was think that it's good idea to invite some my students to visit and explore there sometime. I just feel pity to our student at school, too many wasted time just for certain lesson and haven't had the experiential in their lower age. So I think they are missing something for the basic/foundation of concept. Concept is the basic of the learning development for our kids in the future. Learning by doing like you and Ben did is amazing. That's really help them to grow and understand from the nature and you will surprise when you see kids grow and grow so fast in their mind. They not only smart coz they have very good IQ but the more smart for the emotional intelligent co'z they are engaged with the nature. love Ona

  4. Thanks again Ona! I love your garden idea for your students- It must be hard for them also in a big city. but I guess that's why Indonesians really love hiking, to have that connection with nature. BTW, here's a way of rebuilding the land I'm really interested in called Permaculture, which involves creating food forests, and I realised that in Flores where we visited your aunt and uncle, that they had a perfect food forest system there... just something I remembered!